There’s something magical about a bottle of wine. Slowly unscrew that cork until, POP! The wine is released after years of waiting for you. Pour it into your glass. Smell, sip and savor its notes and flavors. Like love, wine can make you blush. One could argue that wine is the tangible representation of love, something that brings together those who seek to experience what is so delicious in this life. In ancient and medieval times, wine was the far better option over disease-ridden water. Wine continues to be a religious symbol. Wine is life-giving and the splendid dichotomy of intoxicating antioxidants. Yet, as complex as life and wine can be, this organization was founded with a simple goal in mind: to gather sophisticated, inspired and purposeful women. You can debate and deliberate about your palate or your politics, but don’t over think this. Life is like a glass of pinot. Savor it, and keep sipping, ladies!


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